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There are two reasons for the title of this post.

1. This picture is great. Check out the varicose veins on the guy dressed as a Keebler Elf!

2. The new Aloha song is fantastic.

If you like Death Cab with Cutie, then you've never heard Aloha and how much better their music is. I must have listened to their album Some Echoes 100 times in 2007 and 12 times in 2008 and 8 times in 2009. The new album, Home Acres, which shares a lot of letters with the title Some Echoes, will be available legally on 3/9, and hopefully will share a lot musically with the previous amazing album as well.

Aloha - Moonless March

Aloha should tour this year. Preferably somewhere close to where Michigan, USA, is. I'd go.

Czech the Stereogum Gum Drop for a few measly questions with head Alohian Tony Cavallario.

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